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Developmental Clinics

Offered: Winter - Spring - Fall Open to all players around the area. 

CSA developmental clinics are MOSTLY about Individual trainings, Our Professional developmental clinics are designed to teach players - individual skills needed to excel as soccer players–regardless of whether they are in-house or in Travel teams. A personal training series with emphasis mostly geared towards training, training and more individual trainings and less games. 40-45 mins training and 15-20 minutes games/ Scrimmages.  Players are grouped accordingly.


CSA Developmental Personal Training - with Brewster Fc - Spring 2020  - Cancelled

Location: Brewster school fields(on top of the Tennis court) or at HS fields.

  Wednesday Class - April 8th - Jun 10th(10-12 weeks) 

    Thursday  Class - April 9th - Jun 11th (10-12 weeks)