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Developmental Clinics

Offered: Winter - Spring - Fall

Youth developmental Clinic is open to boys and girls of all skill levels. This early developmental program will help introduce youngsters to tons of individual skills needed to be better Soccer player. This is an all year round program. Training to be received will be different to what they are accustomed to. Programs will be designed to teach injury prevention, ball control, ball movement and complete soccer skills. This training will be conducted in a very fun and friendly manner.

    2020 CSA Winter Event @ Carmel Sports Club 

    CSA Junior Kickers  (Ages: 4-8yrs) Saturdays 4-5pm Jan 4th - Mar 7th 2020 (10weeks)  Pay Online:   Register Online: Class full - Registration closed.  

    Multiple fields ..Players will be group accordingly. 30 minutes training - 30 minutes games. Players will be in  2 groups and on 2 fields :  Field one- Little Feet 4 - 5 or 6yrs  Field two - Junior Kickers ( 6 or 7 - 8 yrs) 

    CSA - Master  Kickers (Ages: 9-13yrs) Saturdays 5-6pm Jan - Mar 2020 (10weeks)   Pay Online:  Register Online: Class full - Registration closed  

    Multiple fields - Players will be group accordingly. 30 minutes training - 30 minutes games. Depending on registrations... Four teams might be formed for weekly round robin games.

    PEFC - Winter Clinic (Ages: 7-10yrs) Fridays 6-7pm Dec 6th - Mar 27th. Pre-Register click here for more details..Registration Open

    A Futsal Training Program with Players Eye Football Club

    Our Futsal Program Futsal helps build confidence. When players repeatedly receive the ball and pass under pressure, their decision-making in 1v1 situations improves and so do their ball skills. Every action is faster in Futsal. So, the speed of decision making is increased when playing Futsal and this helps train youth soccer players to think better when on the field. The majority of possessions in Futsal are quick 1 or 2 touch combinations with teammates.

    Location: Carmel Sports Club -  111 Old Route 6, Carmel, NY 10512 - Tel: 845.228.2550